Hatoful Boyfriend

Because I just need to recommend this game. Seriously. Buy the full version, it’s less than $5, just do it.
But if you don’t want to commit to anything; game demo on the official site, along with English patch for it. Oh and it even got a manga, which is more gags and trivia than an actual story.

It’s exactly what it looks like. You date birds. But then you reach the BBL route and it just rips your heart to pieces over and over again. I cried because of birds. I cried a lot.
See, it’s not all fun and romance. I’d post more images but I can’t without going into spoiler territory. I’ll do that when I re-play it some time in the future. Still need to start the sequel, HolidayStar.
I really do wish the game was voiced, but it’s not. They did make a few drama CDs though and they got a pretty great cast. Wakamoto as Okosan, doesn’t get better than that. Oh and the soundtrack is pretty great.

Give it a shot, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your jaw will drop over all the TWEEESTS.

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