Sir posts-a-lot.

Borderline spam right here compared to my previous activity but whatever.
Got a package from Rakuten a few days ago. Sorry about the pictures. Some were taken with potato.
BcgGtr5IYAAbcuz SAM_2673 SAM_2635
DXFigures volume 3, I think. Either way only missing Keith, Ivan and Yuri now. Possibly getting ojisan nipple version too. We’ll see.
The 3 volumes of the Phi Brain alternate universe manga, murders and detectives.
They sent me the wrong mini-towels though. Should be a Rook&Bishop version in there where I got a double Kaito.
I don’t even own a PSP, but the game was cheap and I feel the need to collect all Phi Brain merchandise since there’s so little of it.
Speaking of Phi Brain merchandise, all my want.
U_42fe6cbc1ba3ffffefe90d8d9d5e0ae70ec91e2f U_4f90f6ca404f84429272e1ad1f00d2777ffd0274 U_3d1a62ad4ffa92a73b58005ee524fc85623cfd30 U_580ea009d8a67dada0991fd7b3266b49b6855b7f U_e94d20abc1b344748dda8eca89bde46686a33c9c U_9df31fc25ebdbda97a55554e9eb86e7207d863ce U_499b29928b92b3f67d448fa8b64c099451ea0ed0 U_fd466a6186d3a9646c95d392202d5aaeaeb813ba
All of it.
Just ordered the second comic anthology as well as the Hibiki Radio CD with the new mini-drama “Puzzlers in the Dark”, sounds fun.

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